Exhibition in Athens, Greece and Barcelona, ​​Spain by Óvalo Galería and Art Number 23.

Exhibition at MUCA Rome.

Aleph UNAM Festival Exhibition.



Exhibition at the Bahidorá Carnival Art Circuit of the BIO EN SITU installation.



Exhibition "Synergy" in London, England by Oval Gallery and Art Number 23.

Individual exhibition "Presence" in the Coworking Plant.

Tour of "Tierra firme" exhibition by Jan Hendrix at MUAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of UNAM).

Collective exhibition in Rosa Bahía.

Collective exhibition at the Resonancia de Discos Diablito Festival.

Participation in the Cultural Caravan San Luis Taxialtemalco (Xochimilco) of Las Xochimilcas Disidentas with the Autonomous Council of Government of San Luis with the "Live Traces" workshop (illustration of plants).

Workshop of "Multiples of 4" by Alfonso de Anda at the Rayon Festival.

Maremoto's "Draw what I ___" workshop at the Rayon Festival.

Illustration of poem "Sirena" by Ema Martinez Yanes.

Illustration and collaboration of the Second Volume (Autumn 2018) of Zine Verguenza Feat. Féminas.



Collaboration with drawing in fanzine "The Kiss" by the Collective Opusculo.

Individual exhibition "The meeting of the search" in the Mestizo.

Individual exhibition "Knots" at T.A.C.O.

Collective exhibition "Sea Salt" at Casa Q. (the theme was sea pollution)

Collective exhibition "Ultima Thule" in Department.

Collective exhibition "Temporary" (No.3) at City Hall, Col Centro.

Scientific illustration workshop with Katie Scott at FILIJ.

Analog and digital screen printing workshop in Anomaly, Xochimilco.

Illustrator on the radio station Aire Libre 105.3, since August 2018.

Samantha Mayer Guadarrama. First edition: Acribus.



Diploma in Plastic Arts at T.A.C.O. (Contemporary Art Workshop)

Assistant to Diego Pérez (contemporary artist).

Collective exhibition at IVAGINARIUM - 1st Feminist Poetry Festival.

Collective exhibition at Casa Frissac "MERAKI".

Digital illustration workshop with Silvana Ávila.



Illustration workshop with Gabriel Pacheco.

Illustration of presentation in poetry book "Animácula", Samantha Mayer Guadarrama. First edition, Acribus.



Winner of the "Narrative Photography" award from the Pedro Meyer Foundation.



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