Sofía Probert Pérez is a biologist and artist born in Mexico City.

Her work centers among techniques such as drawing, illustration, embroidery, sculpture, collage, photography, painting and unique techniques that combine digital and analog art.


Sofia's work mainly has a dialogue between her two areas, biology and art. Her pieces reflects the way in which organic life expresses itself aesthetically, as well as the way in which human beings relate to it.


With a special sensitivity, Sofía develops an argument around contempt, arrogance and the cruel human use that has been derived from the anthropocentric view of nature. Likewise, it offers new perspectives on life from a botanical, macroscopic and abstract perspective.

On the other hand, Sofia generates from her collages and drawings a constant criticism and analysis around issues of social and environmental importance such as feminism, migration, climate crisis, among others.


Among Sofia's most outstanding recognitions is her recent participation in the “Synergic” exhibition exhibited in London, England by the Oval Art Gallery and Art Number 23. In addition to her participation in the Bahidorá Carnival Art Circuit held in Las Estacas, Morelos with his piece BIO IN SITU.


She is currently an illustrator for the radio station Aire Libre 105.3 FM located in México but known around the world